A good data center operator can keep your business secure and running smoothly. At the same time, an average or poor one won’t think twice about going on vacation during a hardware failure or selling customer data to third parties.

The best data center operators from the Uptime Institute were chosen worldwide. Some of them are experts in cooling and power, some lead their teams with a focus on security, and some have been recognized for their innovative approaches to monitoring and maintenance. They are experts in their fields who will ensure your business runs smoothly. If it’s uptime that you need, then look no further than the best.

What is a data center operator?

A data center operator is a company that owns and operates a data center. Data centers are facilities dedicated to storing, managing, maintaining, and protecting data and information. A data center operator’s role is to ensure that all of these business functions are carried out securely, efficiently, and economically. Common responsibilities of a data center operator include:

  • Managing the physical operations of the facility.
  • Maintaining the security of the facility.
  • Ensuring that proper backups and disaster recovery plans are in place.

Best of the best data center operator from the Uptime Institute

Uptime Institute recently named Equinix, Inc. the Best Data Center Operator for 2015. The Uptime Institute’s annual award was given to Equinix for its “unparalleled commitment to customers” and its “service-oriented culture.” The report states that Equinix provides superior value and unparalleled customer satisfaction through uptime, reliability, security, and safety.

In addition, data centers run by Equinix have recorded a 99.999 percent average uptime during the past year. This is an outstanding result for any company in any industry and demonstrates that Equinix is committed to providing reliable customer service.

Equinix has been ranked consistently at the top of the list recently. They were also ranked number one in 2021 and 2012 by Uptime Institute—an organization dedicated to promoting data center standards of excellence.

Here’s Why They’re the Best

Far too often, we repeat the phrase “the best” when referring to a product, service, or restaurant. It’s become lazy. But what if we could find a way to apply that label accurately? We’d save time and get to the point instead of beating around the bush. Well, there is someone who can do just that: Equinix, which operates more data centers than anyone else in the world (that’s more than 400 data centers).

What makes Equinix the best? It offers customers direct access to those data centers from a single location. The company has made the world smaller by shrinking distances between data center locations. As we’ve established before, this is important because it allows you to make faster connections between your sites and places your customers are likely to be. And when you’re dealing with digital information, faster is always better. What’s more,

Equinix boasts an impressive track record of high-quality customer service and lightning-fast connectivity. This is primarily due to their long-standing relationships with some of the most reliable technology providers, including Cisco and Juniper Networks. Lastly (though certainly not least), they’ve gotten recognition.

Why Equinix Starts to Invest in Indonesia?

Indonesia continues to catch up over several years of digital transformation. Previously, Indonesia was left behind because of Jokowidodo’s presidential whisperers, who needed help understanding the landscape of the digital world. They exaggerate industry 4.0 even though digital infrastructure still needs to catch up after realizing that Indonesia has developed rapidly regarding information technology infrastructure in the last four years.

The government of Indonesia is supporting the development of the nation’s data center industry. It has implemented a plan that provides tax benefits and other incentives for large foreign companies that invest in Indonesia. This plan is meant to encourage data centers to be set up in Indonesia.

Indonesia has the potential to be one of the fastest-growing data center markets in the Asia Pacific since it has a fast-growing IT industry, and its government is making significant efforts to support the development of the data center industry. The current investment opportunities made by Equinix in Indonesia are following this trend.

According to Equinix, the country’s developing infrastructure will enable it to attract businesses from established markets like Singapore, Hong Kong, and China, as well as companies based in North America and Europe.

Energy consumption in Europe has been increasing steadily over the last decade. It is estimated that the energy consumption of data centers will increase by 60% in the next ten years. This makes it challenging for operators to meet their energy and carbon reduction objectives.

In the face of the European data center energy crisis, Equinix considers Indonesia a potential site for overseas expansion. The company is currently seeking a large-scale facility in Jakarta, Indonesia, to provide the same services it now provides to its clients. The idea is to use the Asian market as a springboard for future international expansion.

Why not Expanding Your Data Center to Singapore?

Singapore is one of the most developed countries in the world. However, Singapore needs a reliable energy source. Many data centers are in Singapore, but I’m still trying to figure out why they don’t worry about Singapore energy sources. It may sound funny, but five years ago, Indonesia was the richest country with natural gas, oil, and coal, but still less concerned with digital infrastructure.

It means Singapore was chosen by many data centers in the world before because of government support. The Indonesian government has supported the data center industry and significantly invested in green data centers.

Another problem is why many stop investing in data centers in Singapore because of a need for more space. The small size of Singapore and its aggressiveness towards investment and the economy have made land prices and building rents increasingly expensive.

However, historically, Singapore and Indonesia have always been friendly and cooperative, even though the last few decades have been unfair. Currently, the Indonesian government is working with Singapore to create a data center industrial area on one of the islands in the Sumatran archipelago.

Reportedly, in 2023 the Indonesian government will stop the gas supply to Singapore on the grounds of meeting local needs. This seems an anomaly. In fact, the availability of electricity in Indonesia has a surplus.


The Uptime Institute’s recent report on data center operators is a treasure trove of information for those who want to do our due diligence when selecting a data center hosting provider.

Equinix was chosen as the best operator data center by The Uptime Institute this year. At the same time, Equinix is placing its investment in Indonesia. What’s interesting about this is that Indonesia has attracted the attention of data center investors, especially green data centers.

In developing the issue of global warming, energy and ESG investment will be the best choice for investors, at least until 2050.

Indonesia is an ideal place for the data center industry. The government actively supports the data center industry and plans to build a robust infrastructure supporting regulation and policies. This is why Equinix invests in Indonesia.

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