Data center white papers can benefit your business, especially if you want to learn more about the most popular subjects. White papers are published by different organizations and online companies trying to share their knowledge with others and attract new customers.

The easiest way to access white papers is to Google them or use a particular directory website. We have selected five of the best data center white papers.

5 Best Data Center White Paper

A data center white paper is a document that describes the design and construction of a particular data center. Data centers are usually costly to build, so details are generally included in a white paper as to why certain decisions were made and how they affect the overall design.

Data center white papers can also be helpful to people who plan on building their data centers. The important things to consider when building a data center are cooling, power, rack design, and location. Datacenter white papers will help you decide which are most important and give you ideas for implementing them into your design.

Here are the five best data center white papers.

1. IDPRO Green Data Center White Paper

The IDPRO Green Data Center White Paper is an excellent resource for learning about green data center and their operation. The paper discusses the basics of the green data center, which includes:

  • site location,
  • building design and construction,
  • building operations and management,
  • power and cooling requirements,
  • facility space planning,
  • equipment selection and deployment,
  • business continuity and disaster recovery planning,
  • environmental monitoring,
  • carbon footprint reduction strategies, and others.

It also presents some best practices of the white paper.

This gives readers an excellent overview of the different approaches to this type of project and offers insight into why specific methods may be more or less appealing to various organizations. From there, IDPRO continues with an in-depth look at several aspects of green data centers, including energy efficiency, environmental impact, and overall cost savings.

2. Data Center Infrastructure Design White Paper

This FS white paper is a must-read for those interested in learning more about the technical details of the infrastructure in most data center facilities. IT professionals and engineers write these papers to explain the details of their fields, and they’re often published by companies that provide software or related services.

The white paper will describe why this approach provides an ideal solution for efficiently delivering high-performance computing applications and providing disaster recovery for those systems. Data Center Infrastructure Design covers a broad range of topics, like:

  • High Availability Design
  • Power Redundancy
  • Cooling
  • Facility Security

The white paper includes expert-led discussions on design trends, industry best practices, and technology solutions to common challenges in the data center.

3. APC White Paper on Calculating Space and Power Requirements for Data Center

This data center white paper from APC details how to estimate your data center’s power, cooling, and space needs. It also includes a brief overview of the major components of a data center and a quick explanation of how to build out floor plans for your facility.

This white paper is available as a free download on the APC website. The white paper discusses how to calculate how much power, space, and cooling you will need based on the following factors:

  • What you want to run in the data center.
  • Your desired uptime.
  • The estimated cost of power.
  • The number of people working in the data center.
  • The expected growth rate of people working in the data center.

These recommendations include specific dimensions, weight, power requirements, and other considerations when building new facilities or refurbishing existing ones. The article is written by an APC engineer who works closely with individuals from various industries, including IT professionals, architects, engineers, and facility managers.

4. Green Data Center Technology

This white paper explores green data center technology trends, including a perspective on specific technologies related to cooling, power distribution, software-defined networking (SDN), and virtualization; how these trends are affecting the green data center landscape; and how the Singapore Government can use these technologies to improve its existing data centers while ensuring they are sustainable.

The White Paper suggests ways to “green” existing data centers and outlines new technologies that can be used to build green data centers. It also looks at how existing businesses can use new green data center technologies to become more environmentally friendly. It provides recommendations for implementing green data center technology and suggestions for industry actors to collaborate on research and implementation efforts.

5. Data Center Water and Power Availability Solutions

As data center operators face the rise in pressure to reduce operational costs, they are constantly looking for ways to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure. The price of power and water can account for up to 50% of the total operating cost of a typical data center. This document explores the various options that today’s data centers have for optimizing their water and power availability solutions.

Water and power availability are critical challenges for data centers. This Data Center Water and Power Availability Solutions Whitepaper outlines three ways to increase Power & Cooling capacity using data center infrastructure without requiring additional real estate.

This whitepaper looks at the importance of water availability monitoring and prevention and how utilities can benefit from using intelligent water meters. It also offers an overview of how utility companies can take advantage of power availability monitoring solutions developed by DataCenter Frontier.

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Data centers can face various challenges with power and water availability. Power outages or interruptions, for example, can lead to downtime. Water-related issues, such as flooding or high humidity levels, can lead to extensive damage to the facility’s electrical equipment and other valuable assets.

When it comes to learning about data centers, you have a lot of great resources at your fingertips. Plenty of white papers and tutorials cover everything from the basics to the more subtle intricacies of various data center technologies, which can help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends in this ever-evolving industry.

All of the white papers above are free of charge. You can download them directly on the links in each title of the data center whitepaper mentioned above.

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